Green Class Curriculum

Green Class

Green Class are incredibly excited about presenting our future assembly to our friends throughout the school. We have chosen the timely theme of the Chinese New Year as our main topic. We have asked all of the other classes in Turney School to make their own Chinese Dragon. We will be inviting our friends to parade their dragons around the assembly for a friendly competition.

The Green Class pupils will then move on to explain the origins behind the Chinese New Year story. We will explain how each New Year is named after a particular animal. 2013 is the Year of the Snake.

Other Green Class work for the start of the new term has included a strong emphasis on phonics. The main part of this work has been to recognise the sounds that make up different combination of letters. There is also a written element to this work with the pupils practicing their character formation.

Finally Green Class have been having great fun during our P.E. lessons. We are continuing with our yoga exercises, as well as building in various gymnastic moves. This also has plenty of crossover with our current science topic of healthy living and healthy eating.

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