Blue Class PSHCE

Blue Class

Blue Class have offered up some incredibly thoughtful work during our recent PSHCE lessons. We have introduced to the children the concept of human growth and how our own bodies are constantly growing and changing. We wanted the pupils to understand the different parts of the body, how these change, and to recognise our own body changes.

We started off this work by considering what it means to be a baby. We talked about the needs that a baby has, such as feeding and help in moving around.

Blue Class then identified that a baby grows into a toddler. As the name suggests, the limbs start to develop and become stronger. This when we start to take our first steps. We watched a video of this in class, as well as a short film featuring a toddler trying to talk. We couldn’t understand everything, but we also identified that this is the stage when we start communicating.

This PSHCE work will continue over the coming weeks as we look at the human life cycle and how many changes continue. We want Blue Class to understand that the various skills that we need to develop don’t always come naturally. Many of these have to be taught to us.

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