Class 10 Number Line Work

Class 10

Class 10 have put the recent cold weather to productive use by learning all about temperatures during our maths lessons. We wanted the students to be able to understand the concept of not only positive numbers on the number line, but also the idea that a negative reading can also be displayed. A thermometer showing a below zero reading is perfect for this exercise.

We started off our lesson by talking about what happens to the temperature when it freezes. We learnt how a minus figure is given, depending on how cold it actually is. We introduced the pupils to the idea of measuring this in units of Centigrade or Celsius.

All pupils then took part in a thermometer reading exercise on the class whiteboard. Different images of thermometers displayed different readings. Some were positive numbers, others were negative. An added problem to solve was to work out the scale that was being used on the thermometer so that we could give an accurate reading.

We developed this theme to start thinking about what are the consequences when the weather changes. We learnt that when the temperatures reaches a minus value, water would start to freeze. Working in negative figures on the number line is an idea that we will continue to explore during our Class 10 maths lessons.

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