Class 2S Food Survey

Class 2S

Class 2S have been combining science lessons with our maths work. We have been looking at healthy living and what type of foods we need to help our bodies grow. We identified that fruit is very important to help provide us with vitamins.

Working together we came up with class science survey to investigate our favourite fruits. We asked the pupils to survey their friends to find out which fruits they like eating and which fruits they would rather not eat. We kept a tally chart of our findings so that the results were simple to read.

Class 2S was able to conclude that pineapples are the most popular fruit amongst all of our friends. We were also able to form simple number statements. We found that nine pupils like pineapples, whereas seven like pears. We can then work out from this that two more pupils like pineapples when compared to our preference for pears.

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