Class 3J Music Rehearsals

Class 3J

Class 3J have continued to explore different sections of the orchestra as part of our music lessons. Having looked at the string section in great detail, we have now asked the pupils to consider the difference between a rehearsal and a performance. We asked the group for different ideas to describe each concept. We came up with the definition that a rehearsal is when you try and improve without an audience, whereas a performance is the show itself.

We then thought about how a rehearsal may not be perfect. It is a time in which to try new ideas and to gain our confidence before the final performance. We asked each class member to rehearse with the class keyboard and an amplified microphone. We encouraged the pupils to select their own song and to think about the style of the delivery.

We assessed the performance of our friends, providing advice as to how we can make our performances even better. We are proud to present a selection of the recordings in the podcasts below.

Our work exploring the different sections of the orchestra will continue after the half term break. We are very excited about welcoming the string session of the James Allen Girls School into our class for a performance.

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