Yellow Class Left and Right

Yellow Class

Yellow Class have been working on understanding different concepts involving space. In particular we wanted the pupils to identify the difference between left, right and middle. We asked the pupils to think about which body parts we have two of. Examples included legs, feet and ears.

We then played a number of games to help the pupils identify the left or right different parts of their body. We learnt that our left foot is connected to our left leg. Our left ear is on the same side of our body.

We then asked Yellow Class to think of some different examples where we see items arranged either to the left, the right or even in the middle. We thought about have a dinner table. We placed a plate, a knife, a fork and a cup on the classroom table. Pupils then identified which objects were on the left, which were on the right and which were in the middle of the table. We finished off our session with a wonderful class sing-a-long to the hokey cokey!

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