Class 11 Art Video

Our Class 11 pupils are working incredibly hard towards their GCSE artwork qualifications. With the examination taking place shortly after the Easter break, the remainder of this term has been taken up with the completion of our coursework. The theme that has been set by the examining board is that of force. This is an idea that is open to interpretation – we have encouraged our pupils to produce a piece of artwork that fits in with their own understanding of this concept.

Some Class 11 students have taken a literal approach, thinking about physical forces. Others have taken a more abstract view, using the idea of music as a force for change. We spent a great deal of time thinking about how this theme could be used in our work so that it provides a personal touch. Class 11 produced a series of mind maps to help them develop their ideas.

A similar independent approach was used when it came to the materials being used. We wanted the pupils to think about which type of medium they feel the most comfortable in working within. One of our pupils has taken a digital view, working within Photoshop and manipulating digital images. As you can see from the video above, a more traditional approach in printing is another successful project that is being completed.

Class 11

Class 11

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