Class 2S Geogrpahy Video

Class 2S are looking at different countries from around the world as part of our geography work for this term. Our current focus is on Australia. We set the pupils the task of learning as many facts as possible about this country. Part of our research was also interested in the landscape and the culture of the country.

This approach led to some amazing artwork being produced by Class 2S. We found out how the indigenous people of Australia are associated with creating some extremely colourful and bright forms of art. We also learnt that traditional stories are often told through this artwork.

Class 2S have been studying the styles of painting that are used in the artwork of indigenous people. We saw how the use of dots is a technique that keeps on appearing. We have also produced our own Australian themed artwork, paying great attention to the brightly coloured dots. You can watch a short video of the Class 2S Australian artwork session above.

As well as images, we have also been looking at some Australian songs. Give Me a Home Amongst the Gumtree is now a great favourite for Class 2S! You can listen to some of our singing in the recording below.

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