Class 10 Tangrams Video

Class 10 have been using their skills in problem solving to help complete a series of Tangrams. These are an old Chinese form of mathematical problem involving space and orientation. We wanted the pupils to understand how they can use different techniques to help complete the Tangram, as well as their understanding of spatial awareness.

Seven pieces make up a Tangram. They contain one square, one parallelogram and five triangles. The aim is to move around the seven individual pieces to help them slot into the overall Tangram plan. A large part of this exercise is being aware of the size of the shapes and how they can be rotated to be able to fit into a specific area.

Using the class whiteboard, Class 10 worked their way through different levels of ability to help solve the puzzles. We helped the pupils to consider how a shape may appear different if it is rotated. You can watch some of the Class 10 Tangram problem solving skills in the video above.

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