Class 3J Athletics Video

A new term, and some new P.E. activities for Class 3J to enjoy. The change of weather has allowed us to work outside and prepare for a summer of athletics at Turney School. A large part of this work is to learn about the science behind different activities. Class 3J have started by learning about how we can warm up and stretch each individual muscle that we will be using. So far we have looked at exercises that help us to condition out quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

Our next task was to try and improve our sprinting speeds. Working on the Turney School athletics track, the pupils have been learning specialised techniques that will give them an extra edge whilst sprinting. We have looked at how a loose and relaxed arm style helps us to move freely. Our heads need to be focussed looking directly at the direction in which we are traveling. Finally we have focussed on using the balls of our feet to keep our sprints bouncy and flexible. A couple of our Class 3J athletes explain a little more in the video below.

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