Orange Class Updates

We have many great activities to look forward to in Orange Class throughout the new summer term. In science lessons the pupils will be looking at healthy plant growth. We have started to plan our weekly trips to the nearby allotments and to think about what we might want to grow. Orange Class will be planting, watering and weeding around the allotments. We will be monitoring the growth of the plants via a video diary that we are hopeful of producing. We will also share the results on the school website.

Orange Class will be starting an exciting new topic in literacy, learning all about the country of Kenya. To help us with this task we will be making the most of the Turney School library and the reference books that we have about Kenya. In particular, the children will be exploring the geography of the country, looking at mountains, waters and whereabouts different people live. This will lead towards a look at the Masai tribe, the native group of people in Kenya.

Our artwork in Orange Class will continue with the Kenyan theme. We will be introducing the children to the idea of shadow drawing. Having created a stunning Kenyan backdrop, we will then be placing some silhouettes on our pictures of some of the animals found in the country.

We are also keen for the Orange Class pupils to learn more about Turney School as they prepare to possibly enter new classes in the new school year. We will be looking at the school environment, and learning how to identify where we can find the school canteen, the playground or the toilets on a school map. You can watch an early example of this in the video above – one of our Orange Class pupils provides a guided tour around our classroom at Turney School.

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