Class 10 Geography

Class 10

Our geography work in Class 10A has recently involved looking at the changing structures of modern day cities. We have held a class discussion looking at how inner cities contain tall buildings in the centre of the city, and then smaller residential housing around the edges of the suburbs. To help demonstrate this Class 10A have built their own model of a city centre. We thought carefully where to place the tall buildings, and then to work our way out with smaller housing around the edges of the city.

We have linked this work to our own experiences of living in London. We encouraged the pupils to think about what type of buildings they can see around them where they live. Using this information we should then be able to explain which part of the city where we personally live.

Most class members decided that they can see some tall buildings around their homes and close to Turney School, but not as many as we can see in other parts of London. We were therefore able to conclude that we don’t live in the very centre of London, but somewhere in-between the city and the suburbs.

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