Class 1M Clocks Video

Class 1M have been continuing their work based around time and clocks during our recent maths lessons. We started this work by looking at an analogue clock. We asked the pupils to identify that this type of clock contains a short hour hand and a long minute hand.

Our maths work then moved on to consider some of the new words or phrases that are associated with telling the time. Class 1M have become familiar with terms such as ‘O clock or half past.

We then showed a series of analogue clocks on the class whiteboard. Our task was to identify the correct time from a couple of choices, using our knowledge of what to look for with the hour and minute hands.

The confidence in Class 1M improved greatly and so we then introduced the pupils to the idea of a digital clock. We explained how both an analogue and digital clock could both be telling the same time. We played another game on the class whiteboard, this time matching up the two types of clock that are both displaying a similar time.

We finished off our current maths work by playing a game of Beat the Clock, and then singing the Tick Tock song that we have been learning over recent weeks. This involves plenty of actions, all helping us to tell the time.

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