Blue Class ICT

Blue Class

Blue Class have been using ICT time to explore both the internet and the navigation skills that we need to be able to store our files locally. We have been setting the children the challenge of searching for a specific topic online. The pupils have been learning how search engines can be a powerful way for us to be able to find out more knowledge. We have been using best practise when it comes to online safety.

The children have also been finding out more about the structure of the Turney School ICT set up and how we can keep our work safe and secure. Working with the software package 2Publish, we asked each Blue Class member to type in a sentence about themselves using the package. The pupils took care to remember to use the correct punctuation. We also explored how 2Pubish allows users to change the size, style and even the colour of our words.

The final stage for this work was to understand the importance of saving our work locally. We have given Blue Class guidance on how the structure of the files is set up in the Turney School ICT suite. All pupils are now familiar with navigating around the way in which we store and save our work at Turney School.

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