Class 2S Food Tech Video

Class 2S have been exploring how different ingredients can be assembled in a variety of ways during recent Food Tech sessions. Our overall aim was to prepare and bake a chicken and vegetable pasty. We have already used many different vegetable and meat ingredients during other Food Tech sessions. We wanted the pupils to understand that these ingredients can be incredibly flexible when we are considering what to cook.

This work has formed part of our overall project looking at the use of edible casing within cooking. By this we mean pasties, rolls, dough or pizza based products. All of these can be used in different and exciting ways, depending on our taste preferences. A large part of this exercise was for the pupils to express an interest as to what they prefer – a vegetable or a cheese based pasty.

We have also used this topic to think about the benefits of a healthy diet. Class 2S were able to identify that vegetables contain valuable vitamins for our diet. The chicken and cheese are full of protein – these help us to grow. Self-assessment is also involved in this work. We asked the pupils to think objectively about the taste of their final pasty, and how they might improve this.

You can watch a video above explaining more about Class 2S’s recent Food Tech session.

Class 2S

Class 2S

Class 2S

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