Red Class Work

Red Class

Red Class have been continuing to make great progress throughout the summer term across all areas of the Turney School curriculum. We have combined maths and science work to look at the basic concepts of heavy and light. We have asked the children to explain what they think the difference is between the two ideas. We have used everyday items as examples as to what we think might be heavy, and what might be like. The maths input for this work has extended to look at measurements. We have looked at how we can measure different lengths, and what is the difference between big or small.

All Red Class pupils have produced some beautiful mosaics as part of our recent D & T learning. We wanted the children to understand how we can create a unique image by combining many different individual pieces to construct something that is personal to us. We encouraged class members to position their pieces to create a bright overall effect. Once these have been varnished, the pupils will be able to take them home to use the mosaics as coasters for drinks.

We are also continuing our regular weekly visits to the Turney School allotment. Activities that Red Class have been helping out with include planting, watering and weeding. We have been monitoring the growth in the garden and keeping a record of our activities.

Red Class have just finished reading Handah’s Surprise during our literacy lessons. We are now ready to move on to exploring some ideas in a piece of fiction that is unique to Turney School. Our Class Teacher Jen is assembling a book based around some of the ideas and activities in the film Holes. We will be spending the remainder of the term working on some of the ideas in this book.

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