Silver Class Assembly

Silver Class

Silver Class have been continuing to enjoy the weekly singing assemblies that we hold each Friday with the very talented Susan. This is a great chance for the Silver Class children to spend some time with their friends from Purple and Orange Class. Our assemblies are always very practical – we encourage plenty of participation in both singing and signing. We are fortunate to have the skills of a dedicated Makaton instructor to help the children learn any new signs for the songs.

Our assemblies usually start off by welcoming each other to this special occasion. We then invite some of the children to make a choice and select one of their favourite songs for all of our friends to sing. Recent popular choices include Row Row Row the Boat and Five Little Monkeys.

The highlight of our weekly singing assemblies is when we get to celebrate the achievements and hard work that have been carried out during the week. Each class is able to nominate a Star of the Week. The class teachers are able to share a reason for this recognition – good reading, concentration or being a fantastic friend. We sing a song to celebrate each Star of the Week, and then conclude with a traditional farewell song. You can listen to a recent Silver Class singing assembly in the podcast below.

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