Class 11 Art Video

Class 11 have started a new art topic which involves the pupils exploring the ideas of texture. One of our learning intentions is to understand how art needn’t take a 2D form. We can show depth to our work by thinking about different layers that make up everyday objects.

All pupils took part in a practical art walk around Turney School. We wanted the class members to think about features such as brickwork or drain covers, and then to consider how we could perhaps use these to help create some magical artwork.

Using the technique of rubbing over these features with either crayons or chalk, Year 11 were able to come away with a selection of patterns that can be found around Turney School.

Our next step is to create a collage from our rubbings with an emphasis on looking out for repeating patterns. An important part of this work has been to share our ideas with our friends, and to talk about what we are trying to achieve. You can watch this technique being explained by a Year 11 pupil in the video above.

Class 11

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