Class 3E Music Video

Class 3E are in the process of producing some stunning pieces of work involving both literacy and music. Our overall aim is to compose a unique film soundtrack. Before we could attempt this we needed a film story. We asked each class member to come up with a storyboard explaining a possible plot for a film. We wanted the pupils to focus on having a start, middle and a successful outcome.

Our next step was to consider what type of music might suit each individual stage in the story. We asked the pupils to think about three different emotions: happy, sad and scary. We have been learning how happy music is often characterised by a fast moving soundtrack. Sad music can be slower, whilst scary music has little space in-between each musical note.

Tempo, pitch and timre were also considered. The pupils were given a sequence of notes to play on the Turney School keyboards. We asked them to use these three musical terms to create a soundtrack that matched up with the emotions in their stories.

Class 3E have produced some amazing compositions. We have learnt that by identifying a particular emotion in a story we can then create a relevant mood. A couple of young composers explain in more detail in the video above. The conclusion of this work will see Class 3E perform their own soundtracks during a performance to other class friends.

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