Green Class Activities

Green Class

Green Class have been reading Hooray for Fish as our main literacy text for this term. We have been using this wonderful story to help the pupils feel confident when constructing sentences. Green Class have been retrieving information from the text, and then verbally relaying this back to the rest of the class.

An example of this might be a short description of what can be seen on a particular page:

“I can see a large blue fish.”

This work aims to help the pupils to be able to construct statements and add comments to the stories that we are reading. The next step will be to ask Green Class to make predictions about the outcome of the story. We will then be acting out the Hooray for Fish story during our final Green Class assembly for the term.

Elsewhere and Green Class have been working on one-digit addition sums during our maths lessons. We have been using number lines and counting cubes to help the pupils with their counting.

We have been encouraging greater independence during art sessions in Green Class. We have many pupils who are already talented at art. We are keen for the pupils to make decisions for themselves and to communicate their needs with adults. Simple requests such as asking for resources independently have all been encouraged.

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