Orange Class Updates

Orange Class have been spending the final few weeks of the summer term becoming familiar with the transitional phase for some of the pupils. We are happy to welcome into our class many new class members from Early Years. The transition to Key Stage 1 is an important part of the development of the pupils at Turney School.

We have been making this period as smooth as possible. All of the new children have been gradually introduced to the new school routine. There are a few minor adjustments to become familiar with such as when and where we go for lunch.

The Key Stage 1 curriculum is also something that the new pupils are starting to understand and benefit from. We have produced pupil profiles and individual learning targets for the new school year ahead. All staff have taken great care to explain and communicate how we can help each class member during the new school year.

We still have plenty of new themes to explore in Orange Class between now and the summer break. A timely topic is our current look at the history of the seaside. We have used a variety of different resources to compare seaside scenes from the past and present.

Orange Class have watched an old film showing life at Blackpool beach over one hundred years ago. We then held a class discussion to think about what was different in the film to our own modern day seaside experiences. We talked about the different style of clothes, transport and the leisure activities.

Our table work continued around this idea. We asked the pupils to sort a selection of photos between old and new. We are hopeful or creating an Orange Class seaside experience before the end of term. We are setting up a sanded area, a paddling pool and inviting the children to bring in swimming costumes and buckets and spades. We will use this opportunity to talk about safety at the seaside.

Other activities around Orange Class include learning how to make a healthy meal during our DT sessions. The pupils are looking at some of the fruits that we can use to make a delicious smoothie drink.

The children are learning about 2D shapes in our maths lessons. Velcro strips have been used to place in the correct position to complete the picture of various animals.

Our superhero topic is continuing in literacy lessons. We have introduced the children to the character of Superworm! We have carried out plenty of role-play to show his special powers and how he moves around.

Orange Class

Orange Class

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