Class 1G Science Vid

Class 1G have been looking at many different types of liquid as part of our early science work. The pupils have been exploring the difference between drinking liquid, cleaning liquid and liquids that we might use for cooking. We have introduced Class 1G to the idea of density – some liquids may be heavier than others. We have demonstrated this scientific fact by mixing milk and honey, and oil and water.

We have also been keen for Class 1G to look at how we can change the colour of liquid using food colouring. We asked each class member to experiment by adding some different colours to a small dish of milk. We then added more than one colour to observe how we can keep on changing the colour of a liquid. Other techniques such as blowing on the liquid to help to mix it were also explored.

A large focus for this learning has been safety. We want the pupils to understand the difference between liquids that we might drink, and liquids that we use to help with household cleaning. We asked the pupils to think of how we can recognise the differences, and what we should do if we are unsure.

You can watch a short video featuring our food colour mixing above.

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