Class 2S Science & Electricity

Class 2S

Class 2S have started a new science topic looking at different types of power. We have been comparing the use of batteries and mains electricity. There has been a very practical approach to our work. We looked at a variety of different types of electrical equipment. We then thought about how each particular device is powered – either through a battery or by using the mains electricity.

This then led Class 2S to consider why a battery might be appropriate for one device, but not necessarily for another. We observed how an item such as a mobile phone needs to be battery powered as it is used outside. A kettle however is normally kept inside, and so it can be powered from the mains electricity. Class 2S have completed a worksheet to help record our scientific findings.

This electrical work will continue throughout the coming weeks. Class 2S are going to explore electrical circuits, and then design and build their own. We will be looking at the main power source, how the electricity needs to flow, as well as where to place a component in the circuit that needs to be powered.

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