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Class 3E have been working on improving our wide range of football skills during recent P.E. lessons. Most pupils are already very confident football players with a good understanding of the basic skills. Our work for this term has to be to learn in more detail about some of the different football techniques, and when it is useful in a game situation to use these.

Much of our early work has been based around ball control. Class 3E have been learning how we can use the side of our foot to help us when we are dribbling a football. We have also been practicing our skills in shooting with the side of our foot to help place the ball accurately in the back of the net.

A recent P.E. lesson involved some dribbling workstations being set up. Our task was to dribble the ball using the side of our foot, and then to place the ball in the corner of the net where a cone had been placed. This makes it difficult for the goalkeeper to make a save.

This work will be built on throughout the autumn term in Class 3E as we incorporate the skills into a game situation. You can watch a short video above showing some of our new football techniques in action.

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Class 10

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