Orange Class Maths

Orange Class have started the new term at Turney School by working on improving their number recognition skills. We have been helping the children to count single digit numbers in sequence using a variety of different resources. Some pupils have been using dots, whilst others have been working with counting cubes to help to visualise the numbers.

A large part of the teaching is focussed on helping the Orange Class children to be able to visualise what is meant by each number. What does the number 3 look like? How can we help the pupils to understand this term using resources such as number cubes?

The Orange Class teaching staff have also been helping the children to visualise the character formation of each number itself. We have been drawing large representations of each number, and then helping the pupils to follow the outline of a number, and then to correctly identify this.

You can watch a short video explaining a little more about our number work above.

Elsewhere around Orange Class and phonics will play an important part during our early literacy lessons for this term. Just as the number line is the building block for maths work, an understanding of sounds and phonics is key for the pupils to progress in literacy. We will be looking at particular sound, and then thinking about what combination of letters can help to produce this sound.

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