Yellow Class Harvest

Yellow Class

Yellow Class have been having some great fun preparing for our future school assembly. The theme that we will be presenting to our friends throughout the school is that of a harvest festival. We have held a class discussion looking at why it might be important to celebrate and appreciate how fortunate we are to have food for us to eat.

The Yellow Class assembly will start be welcoming our friends to our short presentation. The pupils will then spell out the word HARVEST, before we sing a special harvest festival song that we have been learning. The words contain many of our favourite foods. Yellow Class have been learning the words, as well as how to sign out the song. You can listen to short recording of an early rehearsal below.

Other early literacy work in Yellow Class for the autumn term has included a look at signs and symbols. We are keen for the pupils to understand that signs can help us to share information. We have looked at examples of how words and symbols can often convey meanings.

This work is connected strongly to the use of Communication in Print as a learning tool for all pupils at Turney School. This is an inclusive means of communication that all staff and pupils are encouraged to use. Yellow Class have been explaining a little more about their home lives and what leisure activities they like to enjoy using CiP and the various signs.

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