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Class 1g

The Turney School grand Christmas production is always one of the highlights in the school calendar. It is never too early to start rehearsing for this special event!

This year all pupils throughout Turney School will be taking part in a unique production called Christmas Colours. This is a contemporary take on the Christmas story that involves plenty of opportunities for the many talents of our pupils to be featured.

The show has some wonderful songs to learn, as well as the chance for the pupils to play percussion. We are also hopeful this year of showcasing some of the keyboard skills that our Year 10 and Year 11 pupils have been learning. The school is also going to introduce ukulele learning into our music lessons later on in the term.

Each year group has been starting the process of learning the many new songs at the start of each music lesson. We are incredibly fortunate to have the considerable signing skills available from staff member Debbie. Christmas Colours will be an inclusive production where all Turney School pupils are able to make a contribution.

Class 1G have been adding some percussion to some of the songs during our rehearsals. We invited the pupils to make a choice as to which type of instrument they would like to play. We then thought about how we could listen out for the beat in the new songs, and where would be an appropriate moment in which to shake our instruments.

It is very early days as we start to put together our Christmas show. You can listen to a sneak preview of one of the early rehearsal sessions with Class 1G in the audioboo below.

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