Class 1M Phonics

Class 1M

Class 1M are coming close to successfully completing Phase 1 of our phonics work. This involves looking at the letter S, T, I, N and P. We have used a number of singing activities on the class whiteboard to help the pupils with the phonic sounds and pronunciation.

Different words using each phonic appeared on the screen. We asked the pupils to take it in turns pronounce the sounds, as well as to sign them out. We also used our hands and finger to display the character formation. Our work has involved looking at both capital and lower case letters.

We have been using to help Class 1M improve their phonics work. This is a great resource for parents and carers to access at home and help the pupils continue with their learning. Some free games are available which the class members will be familiar with. Focussing on the phonic sounds in S, T, I, N and P will help to continue with the learning.

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