Class 3E PE Video

Class 3E have been continuing with their regular football coaching skills during recent P.E. lessons. Having already looked at the importance of boy control and how we can improve this, the pupils have now started to look at some basic football tactics to help improve our game.

We have been demonstrating to the pupils how each player on the football pitch needs to find space. If we can put as much distance as possible between the opposition and ourselves then we will have more time in which to set up an attacking move.

Class 3E have been learning about this tactic by setting up a number of game situations. The pupils have experimented with varying distances between themselves and their teammates. We have also used this coaching to help remind the pupils the most effective technique when passing the ball. Using the side of the foot enables us to direct our passes with greater precision.

A couple of our Class 3E players explain a little more about what they learnt in the short video above.

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