Orange Class Sorting

Our recent maths work in Orange Class has involved the pupils sorting different objects depending on size or appearance. The aim was for the children to understand what is meant by each description. We were interested in looking at sizes such as small, medium or large, or perhaps different colours.

A number of sorting stations were set up in Orange Class. All pupils had the opportunity to try and sort the resources that were on offer. We asked class members to explain their choices. We were keen for the children to articulate why they had made a particular selection.

We set up a sorting hunt around the classroom involving some white paper plates and some shiny metallic plates. Each pupil was asked to look around the space and hunt the hidden piles. We had our own selection of either paper or metallic plates to add to the pile. We finished off this exercise by counting up how many plates were in each pile.

You can watch a short video of our Orange Class sorting activities above.

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