Class 10 Ukulele Video

We are pleased to have introduced the ukuleles to secondary school music teaching at Turney School. This is a wonderful instrument for the students to take the first steps in learning about the musical string family. Class 10 were captivated by the possibilities of the ukulele after having spent only one session in being introduced to the basic techniques.

Each class member was given their own ukulele as we started our learning by looking at chords and rhythm. We learnt that it is important to play our strumming techniques together and in time with the beat.

The four main chords were introduced – G, C, E and A. The students were able to use these chords in different combinations to play a number of songs – The Sailor Went to Sea and What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor. We also had some extra excitement in the lesson, as one of the young ukulele players is left-handed!

We will introduce more chords to the pupils as the teaching progresses. We are hopeful of the first public performance of the Turney School Ukulele Orchestra possibly taking place at the Christmas concert on 4 December.

Meanwhile you can watch a short video of our very first Class 10 ukulele session above.

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