Yellow Class CiP Choosing Video

The Yellow Class pupils are becoming increasingly confident in making decisions and asking independently for their mid-morning snack. We value this experience at Turney School as not only the opportunity to eat a healthy treat, but also to encourage all pupils to make a decision and then express their thoughts.

Communication in Print plays a large part in this process. Each pupil has their own CiP book of characters and signs. We invite each class member to come to the serving table to see what choices of snack are available, and then communicate their choice. The use of CiP is just as important as a verbal instruction.

You can watch a short video of the Yellow Class mid-morning snack choosing experience above.

Elsewhere in Yellow Class and our maths work has advanced to look at coins and money. The children have been learning to count in the correct order during the autumn term. We are now taking this knowledge and working with coins to help gain an understanding of money.

Yellow Class have been looking at how coins can be different colours, they have different sizes and different shapes. The main difference that we have been looking out for is the different value of each coin. Yellow Class have been working with 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p pieces.

We started off our work by counting how many current buns were on display in the Yellow Class shop. Each class member was then invited to buy a set number of buns by choosing the correct amount of money. We communicated this activity through the use of a song.

We continued our coin work during the Yellow Class table activity time. Each pupil was able to identify the different features of each coin, and then match up an image with a plastic coin.

You can listen to a short recording of our coin counting below.


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