Spectacular Christmas Colours Show!

Blue Class

The annual Turney Christmas Concert is always one of the highlights in the school calendar. The December 2013 production was no exception! This is a special moment for the school community. All pupils across all age groups get the chance to work together on a special event that helps to celebrate the many talents that we have at Turney School.

Blue Class

Our 2013 production was titled Christmas Colours. As the name suggests – there was plenty of energy, happiness and uplifting songs! The show contained many Christmas and winter themes. The music was chosen to add some extra excitement to this very special time of year in our school community.

Blue Class

All classes at Turney School have been working on learning the various songs for the past month. We are fortunate to have the musical talents of Miss Bond, our brilliant musical Producer for the Christmas Colours show. Debbie added her superb signing skills, and all of the teaching staff have worked incredibly hard on making the performance possible with musical and costume contributions.

The Turney School Choir almost made a huge contribution to Christmas Colours. We place equal importance on the signing of each song as the singing. Our Choir members were able to guide all of their friends throughout the school with the right actions for each song.

After a friendly welcome from Miss Handa, it was soon time for Christmas Colours to commence. Purple and Orange Class sang the Sock Song. This was a lively performance and included many of the props that the pupils have been working on. We were able to display the sequence for the correct days of the week, as well as our own Christmas socks!

It was then time for Yellow and Red Class to sing Sparkle and Shine. The children have been taking great care to learn the correct signs for this particular song, as well as the right order in which to display them.

Blue Class were next on stage to perform Sing of a Rainbow. This song suited the theme of Christmas Colours perfectly! The pupils have been making their own rainbows in class. We were able to proudly display these during our performance.

Green Class then joined Blue Class to sing The World is a Wonderful Place. We have been talking in class about some of the lyrics contained in this song, and why they are so special.

Class 11 were then able to display their many talents – singing, signing, dancing and marching! The pupils were dressed in an appropriate military uniform for their rendition of Marching in the Snow. We have had great fun learning the various actions, and understanding the directions that are given in the song.

Class 2S helped out Class 11 to sing The World’s Greatest. This is an incredibly positive song that received a great response from the audience.

Class 1M then performed a very gentle version of Snowdrops. We have been learning how to play the chord sequences for this song on the school keyboards during our regular weekly music sessions.

The Class 10 pupils then performed My Christmas Tree. This included a stunning vocal solo from our of our very talented young singers.

Christmas Colours then finished with the whole Turney School community then singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas – the perfect message to end a perfect afternoon of musical celebration.

We would like to thank the many parents and carers who were able to come along and support the pupils in their Christmas Colours production. An impressive number of family members came along to see our show – so much so that we had to delay the start by a few minutes!

If you were unable to attend the concert, we are pleased to be able to share some of the photographs, video and audio. This has been another wonderful show for all pupils at Turney School to work on over the past few weeks. We wish all members of our school community a peaceful Christmas break.

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