Blue Class Cinema

All of the children in Blue Class at Turney School are very excited ahead of our trip to the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton. We are going to watch the Mr Men Christmas Special film on our special day out to our local cinema.

To help prepare the pupils for the trip, we have been talking about what we can expect to happen during our visit to The Ritzy. The pupils have been thinking about how we can all work together to make it an enjoyable and safe trip.

We asked the Blue Class members to think about what we need to focus on during the trip to make it a pleasant experience for all of our friends. The children came up with examples such as crossing any roads in a safe way with our teaching staff, not wandering off in the cinema, and to be considerate to other people who might be watching the film.

This led Blue Class to draw up their own contract ahead of the trip. This is a document that we have worked on together, detailing the behaviour that we all expect from everyone in our group. Ideas such as listening to the teacher, staying quiet in the cinema and keeping together as a group are all included.

Each Blue Class member has now signed their contract ahead of the trip. You can watch a keen young film fan share some of his ideas in the video above.

Have a great time at The Ritzy, Blue Class!

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