Class 10 P.E. Video

Class 10 have been looking at how was can make the Turney School playtime experience positive for all pupils during our recent P.E. sessions. Turney School has a number of play resources that are available for the students to play with during play and lunchtimes. We encourage all children to share the equipment, and to feel confident to ask about the availability.

A recent P.E. session with Class 10 involved the ever-popular school parachute. We wanted to show the pupils some of the group games that are possible with the parachute, and then encourage them to perhaps share this resource during their own free time.

Blue Class

The parachute is a fantastic piece of P.E. equipment to help develop team skills. One game that we played involved all class members working together to help control a ball bouncing on top of the parachute.

We then played other games that required Class 10 to work collectively to help keep the parachute in the air. Each class member was invited to perform a quick dance underneath the parachute whilst it was still air born. Great fun, as you can see from the video above.

Blue Class

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