Orange Class Maths

Orange Class have been growing in confidence with their understanding of the number line. All pupils are now able to count from one to ten. We have been playing many counting games on the class whiteboard. The children greatly enjoy singing along to a counting song. It contains many actions such as clapping or jumping at a certain point in the number line.

The table work for this activity has been organised to reflect the learning objectives of each pupil. Some of the children have been learning how to understand and anticipate what comes next on the number line. If we have six on our line, what will one more give us?

Other pupils have felt confident enough to carry on counting with two digit numbers. We have been matching up a given number on a number mat with the school counting cubes. We wanted the Orange Class children to physically see how a number such as five can be represented by five counting cubes. You can find out a little more in the short video above.

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