Purple Class Fruit

Purple Class

Purple Class have been looking at different types of fruit that we all enjoy eating. Our main learning objective was to help the children to be able to identify the different fruits, and then to describe what is unique about them. Shape and colour are the two main features that we have been focussing upon.

We have also been helping the Purple Class children to be able to sound and sign out each fruit. The pupils have been watching some videos on the class whiteboard that show some fruit singing songs. Each class member was then asked what is their favourite fruit.

We finished this activity with some practical table activities. Some children painted their favourite fruit. We took great care to make sure that we chose the correct colours for each fruit. Other Purple Class members created a collage of different coloured fruit. We used tissue paper as the main art resource. The children were asked to scrunch up the paper and describe what it felt like. A third group worked on threading some toy fruits along a long piece of string.

Purple Class

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