Class 11 GCSE Art

Class 11

The Turney School Class 11 students have been putting in plenty of research as we move ever closer to sitting our GCSE Entry Level Art exam. Part of the curriculum requires the pupils to be able to identify and explain the unique traits that can be seen in some popular and contemporary artists. Class 11 have been researching an artist that interests them, and then elaborate on the reasons as to why.

Van Gough, Klimt and Opie have all proved to be popular choices. The students have been writing complete sentences to explain what they think the artwork looks like. We have encouraged the pupils to put across their personal feelings by also elaborating on how they feel when they look at the work of a particular artist.

Students of a higher ability have now started to reinterpret the work of contemporary artists by adding in their own personal expressions. Working mainly in a collage medium, the Entry Level exam requires the students to recognise the work of an artist, and then create their own piece of artwork in a similar style.

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