Silver Class Starters

Silver Class

We are very happy to welcome six young pupils into our new Silver Class for the start of the spring term at Turney School. This has been a gradual transition for the children as we make their start at Turney School as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Silver Class have been attending for morning sessions only for the first fortnight. They will soon become full time pupils as they start to feel more familiar with the school routine.

A large part of our early settling in period with Silver Class has been all about getting to know our new friends. The children have been introducing themselves and trying to remember all of the new names.

The teaching staff in Silver Class have also been helping our new starters with the Turney School timetable. The children have been learning at what times of the day we have playtime, snack or reaching the end of the school day.

It is an incredibly exciting time for the children as they are also being able to find out more about the school resources for the first time. We have set up many table activities where we have shown the children what learning resources we have, as well as the importance of teamwork and sharing what we find in our classroom.

When the new starters become full time pupils, we can then start with some of the learning that we hope to achieve in Silver Class. A good starting point will be our first class reading book of the term – The Train Ride.

This is a story that has many different animals as the characters. We will be helping the class members to identify the animals, and then think of how they make different sounds. We will also be able to make use of the big Turney School train that we can ride and play with in our outdoor playing space.

The Silver Class children will be given plenty of help throughout the term with their counting skills. We will be singing counting songs such as Five Little Ducks during our maths lessons.

We are also lucky to have access to a class iPad. We are finding that this is incredibly useful in helping the children to express their artistic creativity. We have installed many apps that allow the children to look at different colours and shapes.

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