Yellow Class Science

Yellow Class

The Yellow Class pupils at Turney School have made a very encouraging start to the new spring term with some great progress in literacy and science. Our class-reading book for the coming weeks will be Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This is a story that has a strong start, middle and end structure for the pupils to follow.

All pupils should now be familiar with the main sequence of events that take place in the story. We have been recapping the structure of the story to help Yellow Class recall some of the key facts.

Who are the main characters? What role do they play in the story? What is the outcome? The teaching staff have been encouraging class input as we share our knowledge amongst our friends. Yellow Class have been learning a Goldilocks song to help us with this task. You can listen to a short section of this in the recording below.

Elsewhere in Yellow Class and the children have started a very seasonal science topic exploring what is meant by the concept of feeling cold. We have talked about how there are very few plants growing around Turney School at the moment. This is because the temperature in the winter is quite low and the plants don’t have enough sunshine to grow.

Yellow Class held a very useful class discussion to think of different ways in which we can keep warm. Some of the ideas shared included wearing extra clothes, drinking a hot drink or running around in the playground.

We continued this theme through during our table work for this topic. Each class member has drawn a picture showing how we can keep warm. The children then constructed a complete sentence to explain what is taking place in their picture.

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