Class 10 Maths

Class 10

Class 10 are learning a number of different techniques to help with our continued maths development. The teaching staff have been setting various challenges, depending on the target levels that we think each pupil is capable of achieving. The constant theme is that of addition.

Some pupils have been ordering some large numbers in the correct order. Our aim is to reinforce the sequence of the number line and how we use this throughout our maths learning.

Other Class 10 members have been matching single digit numbers with different items or objects. If we see three snails then we have to find the number 3 digit. Building blocks and a full number line have helped other students to complete some single digit addition questions.

A tough challenge was set for some students with three digit addition sums being answered. We have been using a technique of placing numbers in units, tens and hundreds columns, and then remembering to carry forward any numbers to the next column where necessary.

Class 10

Class 10

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