Class 3E Music

Class 3E

Class 3E have been learning a new song all about transport during our current music lessons. The pupils have been introduced to the new lyrics and the rhythm that is required. We added in some clapping and clicking actions to help us remember the beat of the song. We invited some of the students to perform a solo with the microphone, once the confidence levels grew.

The Class 3E pupils are also continuing to make good progress with the school recorders. We have been concentrating on playing the B note and being able to read and respond to a simple musical score.

The pupils have been experimenting with the best technique to use to play a piece of music on the recorder. We have found that we need to control our breathing and to support the bottom section of the recorder with our right hand.

Class 3E have been using this topic to also explore the wider recorder family and related wind instrument We have identified how instruments such as the flute or clarinet fit into the family, whereas other instruments, such as a trumpet, are slightly different.

Our music lesson concluded by sharing with our friends some thoughts on what we thought went well, and how we can improve our work during our next session.

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