Purple Class Counting

Purple Class have started many new topics since returning to Turney School after the short half term break. The pupils are exploring some of the animals in the Old MacDonald song. Our current favourite is the chicken.

All Purple Class children have made a collage of a chicken. We used this as an exercise to help the class express their needs with an adult. Help was always on hand, but we encouraged the children to ask independently if they needed some glue or any of the coloured feathers to complete our collages.

Purple Class

Our literacy work in Purple Class for this term will look at different nursery rhymes. Once again we are asking the children to make independent choices. We have a nursery rhyme choosing board. The Purple Class children take it in turns to make a selection, and then we all sing the song together.

Maths work for the remainder of the term will help all pupils to be able to count from 1 to 10. We have been using large number tiles, and then asking the children to place the correct number of items on each tile. This is a physical way to help the children think about the actual value of numbers.

This work has also introduced to the pupils some new vocabulary: same, more and where etc. We have asked questions such as what are the same type of objects? How many more do we need if we want three fishes? Where are the apples?

As with all of our work in Purple Class, our counting activity has been boosted with some singing and dancing. You can watch a short video of this above.

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