Secondary Achievement Assembly

Achievement Assembly

We welcomed back the secondary school students after the half term break with a Turney School Achievement Assembly. The staff wanted to recognise the hard work that the pupils throughout the school had achieved before the holiday.

We encourage the students to help out during the assembly. Class 11 members take responsibility for the music played during the assembly, as well as assisting Miss Handa with the distribution of certificates.

This is an opportunity to reward the pupils that have impressed the staff as part of the token system. At the end of each lesson all pupils are awarded a maximum of five tokens, depending on the contribution that they are able to make to the learning. A certificate of achievement is then awarded, relating to how many tokens have been awarded.

The highlight of the achievement assembly is always when a class is presented with the Achievement Trophy for the best performing year group. Class 11 proudly took possession of the trophy for the first week back.

The assembly then wished a happy birthday to the pupils celebrating their big day during the coming week. We sang Happy Birthday and presented the students with a birthday card.

Our achievement assembly came to close with the singing of the Turney School Song. This is a very special song for everyone within the school community. It reminds us of what we can achieve together if we take pride in everything that we do. You can listen to a rendition of the Turney School Song in the recording below.

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