Turney School Choir Rehearsals

Turney School Choir

The weekly Turney School Choir sessions are continuing to add a wonderful musical feel to the start of each week. All secondary school pupils are invited to attend. Miss Bond leads the sessions with her wonderful musical talents. We are fortunate to have Debbie to also be able to assist with her outstanding signing knowledge.

We started a recent assembly with a simple warm-up routine to help raise our energy levels. The choir was then ready to learn some new songs and singing techniques. We have been focussing recently on harmony. We held a short discussion about what is meant by harmony within music.

The choir has also been learning about how we can best project our voices. Miss Bond gave us great advice in saying don’t shout, but use our facial muscles to open our mouths as wide as possible.

Three songs were rehearsed by the Turney School Choir: We’re Better Together, the Mexican Wave Song and Everybody Sing! You can listen to the choir in the recording below.

Turney School Choir

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