Blue Class RE Video

Blue Class have shown a tremendous sense of maturity whilst we continue with our study of Christianity as part of our RE work. The pupils have been learning about the life story of Jesus. It is with a sense of well-planned timing that we have now reached the Easter story as part of our learning.

Our particular focus has been on the Last Supper. This is a challenging topic for the Blue Class pupils. We have been helping them to understand some of the symbolism behind the story. The Easter story has been presented as a positive festival for Christians. Although Jesus was crucified, we have talked about the resurrection and how Christians now celebrate the festival.

Each Blue Class member has been re-telling the Last Supper story using a series of words and pictures. We have matched the Communication in Print words and symbols with some images showing each stage of the story. You can learn a little more about our work by watching one Blue Class member re-telling the Last Supper story in the video above.

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