Class 1M Food Tech

Class 1M recently had a highly successful Food Tech session preparing and baking a delicious cheese and onion pasty. Of particular importance for this lesson was for the pupils to understand how we can use different kitchen tools to create a specific outcome.

We also spoke about how ingredients can be used in a variety of ways. An example of this might cheese. We can cook with cheese when baking a pasty, or we could eat it cold as part of a sandwich filling. We also encouraged the Class 1M members to act independently in the Food Tech space and to locate the equipment themselves.

Before we could start baking the pasty we had to prepare the ingredients. Onions, mushrooms and red peppers were all used. Each required a particular chopping technique. We encouraged plenty of collective singing to help remind each other how to achieve our task!

Having prepared the ingredients and rolled out the dough, our final task was to assemble the cheese and onion pasty and then place it in the oven. It was then time to evaluate our Food Tech work.

We asked questions such as what have we made today? Which tools did we use? What skills did you use? Vocabulary such as chop, peel and roll were reinforced.

You can watch a short video of a tasty Class 1M cheese and onion pasty being prepared above.


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