Diary Dates and Achievement Assembly

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19 March – Blue Class assembly.

19 March – Tennis at the North Dulwich Lawn Tennis Club.

26 March – Green Class assembly.

27 March – Secondary school Easter assembly.

27 March – students attending panathlon at Crystal Palace.

2 April – Easter Bonnet Parade!

4 April – end of spring term.

23 April – teaching starts for the new summer term.

Secondary School Achievement Assembly


We are continuing to see positive outcomes as part of our weekly Turney School Achievement Assemblies. Each Monday morning Miss Handa congratulates individual pupils who have made a significant improvement to their learning over the past week. Certificates are handed out to recognise this achievement. They are colour coded to reflect the different levels of excellence obtained.

This is always an exciting way in which to start the Turney School week. We save the special award until the end. The Class of the Week is presented with a special trophy from Miss Handa. This is awarded to the Turney Class that achieved a full house of certificate achievers. Class 3E picked up the trophy during a recent assembly. Our assembly concluded with the singing of the Turney School song.

This then led nicely to the weekly Turney School Choir rehearsal. Miss Bond leads this session as we learn new songs and improve on our existing knowledge. The emphasis is very much on having fun a productive learning environment.

The pupils start off the choir rehearsals with a voice and body warm-up. John Paul volunteered to come to the front of the assembly to help with this task. He showed us the importance of shaking, clapping and stamping our feet to get in a lively mood ahead of the music.

It was then time to remember song recent songs that Miss Bond has taught us and to improve our singing and signing techniques. Mexican Wave continues to a popular choice at Turney School. We asked for any volunteers to step forward to lead the singing, signing and dancing. We weren’t short of participants!

You can listen to a short burst of our Turney School Choir rehearsals in the recording below.

Sticking with a music theme…

Class 1G have been learning how to understand the mood that a particular piece of music might be able to create. We have been thinking about what might be a happy sound, and what a sad feeling may sound like.

The students have been the familiar story of Goldilocks to help us create our own musical composition. All of the class members are familiar with this story. We know about how each different stage in the Goldilocks tale creates a different atmosphere.

Our task was to choose a percussion instrument, and then add this to the story whilst it was being read out. We found that a tambourine can make a lively sound, whilst banging two sticks together can create a sudden tension. You can watch some of these ideas being explored by a Class 1G student in the video above.

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