Orange Class iPads


Orange Class have settled well into the daily Turney School routine. This helps the children to feel comfortable and safe in their learning environment. It starts each morning with the Orange Class registration. Our friends all form a circle as we sing the Good Morning song to everyone. We then count how many friends we have in Orange Class at the start of each day.

The best way to then continue with our learning on a Monday morning is to explore the Turney School iPads! All pupils at Turney School now have access to the iPads as part of our ICT learning. We have installed specific apps to meet the learning needs and compliment the current Orange Class curriculum.

The iPads are also great for developing motor skills and introducing new learning concepts in a safe environment. All pupils work under a guided learning system. This is where the iPads are set up to allow access to a safe range of apps to help with our learning.

We started a recent session by remembering the iPad skills that we have already learnt. The overall aim is to explore the potential of the iPads to help us with our work. The Orange Class children have been asked to look at apps that are based on a particular theme. We are currently using the technology to help with our phonic work.

Later on in the term and the children will be encouraged to explore the camera function on the iPads. We want the Orange Class children to be able to take a photo of themselves, modify it slightly and then be able to save it a place where we can access it later.

Our Orange Class iPad session finished with a sharing of the knowledge and skills that all of the pupils have learnt. You can watch a short video of our ICT learning above.

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