Yellow Class Lego


Lego Therapy is now playing a major role in our learning within three primary classes at Turney School. The idea behind this concept is to use the familiarity and ease of use that Lego provides to supplement our current classroom learning.

Yellow Class have been busy building a Lego tower. We have continued our work where we work as a small team containing an engineer, a surveyor and a supplier. Our main aims for this exercise are to work together co-operatively, to give and respond to instructions and to improve our spoken vocabulary with phrases such as on top, behind or next to.

The task for each group is to replicate the building of a photo of a Lego tower. The team members have to match the exact colour coding, brick for brick. Each building role requires an instruction to be issued by the team member. Communication is incredibly important here. Lego Therapy has been helping the primary school pupils at Turney School with their phonics and use of Communication in Print.

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